About us

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Using their combined expertise Ruth Sastre and Madeline Betancourt have joined together to create.


Ruth Sastré & Madeline Betancourt
Over 10 years in the Real Estate Industry with experience in:

Property Management 

HOA Administration

Legal Consultation

Sales & Rentals (Residential & Commercial).


Over 5 years in the Real Estate Industry with expertise in:

Residential Sales.

Concierge Services.

HAO Administration-Traslations.



Contact us

Av. de Carrizo No. 3140

Laureles Residencial Mexicali, B.C.

Tijuana office: 6362276
Tijuana cellular: 664 368 5698
Phone. Mexicali: (686) 905 8423
Phone. Rosarito: (661) 612 01 80
Nextel: 152*14*13359